5 Simple Ways To Have A Great Day

Good Morning!

I love mornings. I always have.

It’s even been a source of tension in my marriage at times.

Amanda: GOOD MORNING! How did you sleep? Did you have any weird dreams? I did, last night I dreamed that I saw Russell Crowe at a restaurant, and I told him I was surprised by how short he was… weird, right? What would you like for breakfast? Want creamer in your coffee?


Amanda: Are you mad at me?


Amanda: What’s wrong?

Rusty:… *snores*

This is our normal, we’ve made peace with it.

Truth be told, I enjoy mornings a lot more when they come at 8 o’clock. Often though, they do not. Many times when my alarm goes off, I start planning everything I need to do to get a nap in later that day. My day will be a series of rushed chores to hopefully fit in a blissful nap, where hopefully Russell Crowe doesn’t make an appearance. And begrudgingly I slump out of bed.

All this to say, my mornings have never been a time that I dread. Rather, it’s the rest of the day. The chores, the errands, the meals, etc. Over the last few months, I have realized dreading the day while caring for a baby wasn’t working for me. I wanted to show him endless amounts of love, and joy, while savoring every sweet moment with him so little. I was struggling to do that when all I was thinking about was getting everything done to take a nap.

Here are a few things that have changed the way I look at my day!

  1. Finish the chores. I know I know, the chores NEVER end. But, finish the ones that are started. Put clean dishes away, wash the dirty ones, put laundry away, or sweep the floor. Nothing crazy, just a few minutes to put the house back in order. I sometimes will set a time for 10-15 minutes, dedicated to finishing chores at the end of the day.
  2. Go to bed at a reasonable time. After I put RJ to bed, I crave some “me time”, when my chores are finished that is much more possible. I can spend time browsing Instagram,  reading, taking a long hot shower, or whatever I feel like! Then I’m able to get ready for bed feeling got-lots-done-feel-great tired, instead of uugggghhhh-just-drag-me-to-bed tired.
  3. Make the bed. I have seen over and over the importance of making a bed in the morning. The last like 3 months, OUT OF MY WHOLE LIFE, I have been making the bed. And I mean, I haven’t changed the world yet, but I am consistently surprised at much “put-together” I feel when that’s done.
  4. Read the Bible. This is one that is far too easy to skip. God is never too tired, or too busy for us. When we feel like we are too tired, or too busy, then something else needs to go, not time alone with God.
  5. Exercise. I hate working out. Hate it, hate it hate it. Once in a while, I find a program that I enjoy because of cool music, or low-key movements. When I think of working out in the morning, I mostly think of going for a run, some intense cardio, or weight training. Listen, if you want to do those things, then obviously do them. But if you don’t want to, then don’t. Just get up and do something. Do like 5 squats, or push-ups. Go for a 10 minute walk. Walk up and down the stairs a few times. Just do something to get yourself off the couch. The more often you do simple things, the more you will want to do.

In the spirit of honesty, I don’t always do all of these things. I just know that when I do, I’m giving myself, and my family the best shot at a great day.

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