Tips for a Romantic Disney Vacation

If I had a nickel hundred dollars, for every time someone was surprised that my husband and I were going on a vacation to Disney World without kids… I would probably have enough money to plan another trip. Ha!

Okay, but for real. Disney is the best, most magical, and beautiful place in the world. It’s generally thought of as a place you take kids, which it is. I mean there are like a lot of kids there. It’s also so much more than that! It’s romantic, and serene (at the right times), and still just as magical as adults.

Without further ado, here are some of my best tips on making a Disney vacation romantic.

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Stay somewhere nice.

If you are looking for your trip to be romantic, and grown-up, the value resorts probably won’t deliver. Most of them offer smallish rooms with two double beds. Disney does offer some really gorgeous resorts. But like they say, all magic comes with a price, so the prettier the resort the higher the price point. We found a great deal and chose to stay off site at Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort. It was very close to the parks, we had our own suite, access to multiple pools, hot tubs, and a lazy river. If you are willing to stay off site, you can find lots of intimate, and romantic locations. If you are going to stay on site I personally things that Port Orleans Riverside looks the most glamours without breaking the bank.

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Make dining reservations. 

Traveling with kids, and/or a big group can make dining reservations hard since you will be charged a penalty for a no-show. When it’s a party of two, not only is it much more likely to make your reservations, it’s much more relaxing. The table service restaurants at Disney World, are “imagineered” impeccably, and offer gorgeous scenery, and delicious food. They are going to be a bit more pricey than quick service restaurants, but all the menus with prices are available on the website so you don’t have to be surprised. Click here to check out the my favorite restaurant in Animal Kingdom!

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Do the rides! 

Just because you are interested in a more “mature” vacation, don’t skip the rides! I mean what says love more than holding hands and screaming on Tower of Terror? But in all seriousness, I am a firm believer in fun being romantic.

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You will see kids dancing the different music of the parks all day. Those kids are having the time of their lives. In places like the Italy pavilion in EPCOT, there is beautiful music playing that is practically begging you to pull each other close and spin around. Sure maybe no other adults are dancing, but is anyone else really as in love as you?

Spend the day in EPCOT

No where else in the world can you visit 11 different countries in one night. At these different pavilions you can find authentic food and drink, live shows, and gorgeous scenery. The world showcase alone is worth spending an entire day in. Snack around the world, hold hands, and watch the incredible live performers.

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Take pictures

Rusty is very gracious to me and my love of pictures. Not just a simple selfie, but “stand here, put your arm here, look like this” while I set up my timer kind of pictures. We asked people to get a picture of us here and there, but I also used my camera timer and a bit of creativity a lot. We felt like fools, and I didn’t care (Rusty may have at times, but like I said, he is very gracious). Don’t be afraid to cheese it up a bit. Go in for a kiss, let him dip you, jump in the air. I have found that doing silly things together is a bit of a bonding exercise.

Disney 286

Always stay for the fireworks

I’m not even gonna sit here and lie to you. I cried at the end of every fireworks show. It was really cold when Rusty and I went, so we would go to Starbucks (in the park) and casually make our way to watch the fireworks. We huddled together sipping our coffee, watching the most flawless display of fireworks. It was such a special memory, whenever I drink a Starbucks caramel macchiato, I’m right back there.

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                 Disney 233

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 Most of all, enjoy each other on your vacation to the most magical place on earth!

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