Busy, but good.

Two years ago, I wanted to start a blog. As I mentioned in my first ever blog post, I was told by a lot of people who probably just wanted me to stop talking, that I should do one. So I did. I had so many grand ideas of lots of followers and free products to do reviews on, sharing my views, and all kinds of possibilities.

Then I found out I was pregnant.

I didn’t care about anything else in the world except this little baby growing inside me. I still wanted to write, but all of the unknown about pregnancy, parenthood, and well life in general made me so incredibly inadequate. Every time I would sit down and write a post, I would end up deleting it and telling myself over and over “no one cares”. Haha, and honestly it’s still true, except now I realize, I’m not writing to people who don’t care. I want to write to women, moms, and humans like me. I have learned this past year being a stay at home mom. So much about myself, God, my marriage, my family, you name it.

I desperately want to share this blog, because I truly love all things exciting. I have countdowns in my head for very small, but still exciting, everyday things (like my walmart packages to arrive, hurray trash can I got on clearance!). When I try a new recipe on pinterest, or find a great sale, or read a great passage in my devotions in the morning, it’s so exciting! Finding exciting things in everyday life is so encouraging to me, and I hope it encourages you as well!

I’m a stay at home mom to a one year old boy who never. stops. moving. I am constantly surprised by how busy, chaotic, lonely, and boring being a stay at home mom can be. I didn’t expect to feel all the feelings every day, but here I am feeling them. To anyone, in any stage of life, feeling busy, chaotic, lonely or bored, let’s be friends.

Let’s chat about the good, exciting things in life. Things like an empty dishwasher and laundry folded the same day it was washed. Let’s talk about how your normal grocery bill was a few dollars cheaper, or how your favorite movie just showed up on Netflix. Let’s share about dream jobs and vacations, huge goals, and small victories.

I’m excited to go grocery shopping when I’m trying new meals. Laundry is fun when I look for new outfit combinations. Working out, I will almost always hate but I really do get excited about being healthy, and more energetic.

Being busy isn’t always a bad thing. I’m busy with things I love to do, like chasing my toddler, cooking dinner, making desserts, and planning adventures. A lot of times, I’m busy with things I don’t like to do, like laundry, grocery shopping, and working out. But with the right mind set, I remember all of these things are part of my personal calling, and I can learn to appreciate, and enjoy all the busyness of life.



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