DIY Wood Sign

I love all the cute painted wood signs I see on places like Pinterest! I’m not sure why I have always been afraid to do one myself. Maybe just because I felt like I never had time. Yeah, that’s probably the reason!

Well good news! If  you love cute wood signs, and don’t have much time, you are in the right place!

Saturday was so ridiculously hot. And I was ridiculously bored. So naturally, I decide this is the best time for Rusty and I to start this project! We have a small stockpile of wood (I don’t really know why, or where it came from, but it’s handy), so we went shopping in our little shed!

We used 1, 1×6 pine board and cut three at 2.5 feet for the front.


To keep it all together we place 1×3’s on the back.


Rusty brought out his super nifty air nailer and went to town!


Just like that, we are finished building!

I just put one coat of minwax dark walnut stain on, and let it dry.

Then it’s time to paint! I chose to do freehand because I’m impatient and reckless. This is where your creativity can run wild! I am definitely not a professional, which is great for you because the chances that yours will look better than mine are pretty high!

I chose this super cute quote from the movie UP!


*sniffle* Too cute!

Here is the finished project! I love the way it looks on my walls!


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