15 Ways To Respect Your Husband

Ephesians 5:33 “So again I say, each man must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.”

After our wedding we were given an amazing book called “Love and Respect” which you can buy here. It was such a great book that was encouraging and that really helped me respect my husband in a way that he understood exactly how much I love him!

With that book as inspiration, I have worked on a few different ways that I like to show Rusty how much he is respected!

  1. Let him know that you want to listen to him! Sometimes my husband isn’t quick to tell me everything on his mind. I like to often remind him that I enjoy hearing his point of view, and how he feels about things.
  2. Actually listening. Point number one doesn’t really work if you zone out while he’s talking.
  3. Telling him that you respect him. It’s a little awkward and doesn’t really roll off the tongue but, it means a lot for him to hear you say it!
  4. Be with him! When Rusty is doing a project, I like to hang out with him, even if I can’t help and I just sit there and read a book. Often he will like to show me his progress, or get my opinion on something!
  5. Make his favorite dinner. I love doing this, it’s pretty simple, but to see him get excited over it, is so fun!
  6. Ask nicely. It’s so hard to ask nicely when it’s the 70,001th time you have mentioned it.  I realize that when I “nag” or belittle him into doing something, it’s going to wear down at his initiative to want to help me out.
  7. Thank him! Let him know he is appreciated without any “but’s”.
  8. Praise him in front of others. Let him hear you telling others about how he helped you with the dishes, or put in new flooring, or fixed the leaky faucet.
  9. Flirt with him! If you husband looks super buff, or smells really nice… girl, let him know! Make googly eyes at him in public, or whisper something cute in his ear, and even whistle at him sometime! Just let him know that he is desired by you!
  10. Plan special intimate nights! Your relationship is important, and he should know you are serious about spending some romantic time together.
  11. Pray for him. Let him know you are praying for him, and ask him specifically what you can pray for!
  12. Ask him questions, and let him know you are genuinely interested. I know more about guns, than I ever, EVER thought I would know.
  13. Ask him about his devotions and/or Bible reading. What has he been reading? What was encouraging? This isn’t to check up on him, but to let him know you care about his spiritual growth!
  14. Confide in him. Show him that you trust him by sharing things with him that you don’t share with anyone else. Also, don’t break his trust by sharing details with others. Make sure you have things that are just between the two of you!
  15. Submit to him. Whoa, I said it. This is one I am still learning every day. This is not being a door mat, at all. This is simply understanding where he stands on certain topics, and being okay with that. God told us we need to respect/submit to our husbands. I have found that trusting and submitting to God is the best way to trust and submit to my husband.

What are some ways you show your husband respect? I would love to hear them!

4 thoughts on “15 Ways To Respect Your Husband

  1. Great post! I saw your comment on my blog and had to come over and see yours. 🙂 We think alike when it comes to respecting our husbands. Blessings on your blog journey!


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